Monday, 25 April 2011

Sea Monsters in motion- My first attempt at an art installation

 Wassily Kandinksy was actually able to “hear” colours. His abstractions were also inspired by music’s “condition”and its independent existence (which is free of having to imitate anything outside of music itself). I wish I had the same gift as Kandinsky, sadly it is not the case. However, I do have to admit to a strong connection existing between music and my art (perhaps due to five years of daily piano playing).Often I am not able to paint unless I am listening to music, and the rhythm as well as melody dictate my brushstrokes. Music always helps me in getting visuals for projects, and this relationship is rather reciprocal, as I often imagine sounds to go with my images. This was the case with my Sea Monsters project. After putting my paintings together with some photos taken by the Detroit river, I also decided to include sound in my installation.  Luckly, I live in the age when even someone like myself is able to create “songs”. Thank you Garage Band!  I have received some valid criticism that my installation should have focused more on mutation of the art work itself, and that the photos did not flow very well with the paintings. This criticism has been noted and I have to say I do agree with it. This is my first installation, so I know it is very far from great, however I really enjoyed putting it together, and in the end this is all that actually counts.
Please click on the link below to view and keep in mind it might take a little to load up.

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