Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sea Monsters

The “Sea Monsters” was  the  last project of the year in my painting class. We had a  complete freedom to do what we liked, which is always something I like to hear. The idea for Sea Monsters evolved rather organically for me. First of all I decided to take myself back to the time of my childhood. Even though I am a firm believer in “living in the moment”, I also think that re-visiting your early days helps in nourishing your inner child (very important for all artist!). While looking back to my childhood I tried to remember what  intrigued  me,  and  also  ignited my imagination back then. I thought back to spending my vacations by the murky waters of the Baltic Sea and how the water evoked feelings of fear and excitement. I remembered myself looking at the water  and wondering what mysteries  and of course  unimaginable creatures  laid underneath. The creatures were  what I decided to focus on in my project. I felt that the idea of sea  monsters is something I still believe in till this day, as deeply as I did years ago.  The sea monsters not only  personified an aspect of my inner child, but also a variety of great feelings such as  mystery, awe, fear and excitement. I  liked the idea of having to deal with  recollection of memories and changed perceptions of things and events which were imaginary to begin with.  I used acrylic transfers for my canvases as well as experimenting with gelatine printing (which is  something I will be doing again).  This is the first time I have explored the “sea monsters “theme, but it will not be the last! 


  1. Aleks I just love your work. Beautiful.

  2. Thank you very much Samantha

  3. These are amazing! So beautiful!